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          From: $499

          Fits: TERRA

          SideGrip?is tailored for TERRA for power supply and full control of the camera. Due to its robust case, the handgrip is solid enough to handle harsh shooting conditions.

          The handgrip weighs only 195g and total weight of 397g with GripBAT 45Wh.

          A wrist strap free of charge is provided for more secured holding.

          SideGrip OPTION

          SideGrip?is designed for TERRA with power supply and full control of the camera. Metal structure is applied for better heat dissipation, which also make it more solid than other handgrip for cinematographers to shoot in harsh conditions.

          SideGrip?powers TERRA with GripBAT 45Wh?battery (BP-U30 compatible), which is interchangeable. GripBAT 45Wh?battery power TERRA for more than one hour thanks to TERRA’s low-power design.

          SideGrip?controls trigger on/off, Iris, ISO and other basic functions, which makes TERRA a handheld cinematic camera.

          Function List

          1. Trigger on/off;
          2. Multi-function navigation dial;
          3. Zoom for Focusing: Full/1:1/1:2/1:8;
          4. Display with all parameters / display with core parameters/ clean display;
          5. Interchangeable battery (BP-U30 compatible);
          6. Sustain more than 60 minutes;
          7. In-Camera display of voltage battery and warning threshold;
          8. UPS function: when connected with external power source such as broadcast battery or AC power, the battery can be swapped without powering down the camera.

          Option Description and Shipping List

          1. SideGrip: includes SideGrip?and a wrist strap;
          2. Pack w/ 2xBAT+1xCH: includes SideGrip, a wrist strap, two?GripBAT 45Wh batteries, and a?high-quality dual-ports charger;
          3. Pack w/ 6xBAT+3xCH: includes SideGrip, a wrist strap, six?GripBAT 45Wh?batteries and three?high-quality dual-ports chargers.


          SideGrip OPTION

          SideGrip, Pack w/ 2xBAT+1xCH, Pack w/ 6xBAT+3xCH