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          Movcam Single/Dual-Axis Wireless Lens Control System

          From: $2,999

          Movcam SCU-1 is the first follow focus ever manufactured by Movcam. Compared to other follow focuses, it has all the features of cinema wireless follow focus: high-speed, accurate, large torque and reliable.

          High flexibility allows users to upgrade to a dual-axis system.

          Electronic control, real-time wireless transmission and accurate motor drive, SCU-1 wireless follow focus makes users more than satisfied during the operation.


          Movcam single-axis/dual-axis wireless lens control system is designed and manufactured by Movcam: it is targeted for filmmaking in tough environment. Compared to other follow focuses, it has all the features of cinema-level wireless follow focus system: responsive, accurate and reliable with large torque. At the same time, high flexibility allows users to upgrade from single-axis system to dual-axis system easily.

          Reliable, responsive, accurate SCU-1 wireless follow focus system is a powerful tool for film production: supports cinema lenses, servo lenses and SLR lenses and is able to control trigger on or off to the cameras like Kinefinity (TERRA), ARRI, SONY, RED, CANON and so on (with extra dedicated cable from receiver module to camera).

          SCU-1, the Advanced Hand Control Unit

          SCU-1 is able to support multiple modules and control multiple motors; it has wireless mode or cable controlled mode; supports sync control of double motors at 3D mode.

          With ingenious electronic control, real-time wireless transmission and accurate motor drive, the control system give you the way of controlling focus directly, not though the air.


          UM-3, Powerful and Manageable Motor

          Just press center button on UM-3 to start automatic calibration system, no tiring settings needed. Cable controlled mode is specially designed for EF lenses, and helps you calibrate the SLR lenses as precisely as cinema lenses. The torque of motor output is tunable based on the size of lens damper to assist the motor and reduce damage to the lenses.


          Other Features

          Every detail is optimized for easy accessibility and high efficiency:

          1. Wireless transmission distance: stable real-time signal is transmitted wirelessly more than 150m (without obstacle), allows accurate remote control;
          2. Digital position stop: only one button for setting, more efficient and accurate than traditional mechanical position stop, eliminates the collision completely;
          3. Wireless and cable controlled modes: wireless control or cable control. The battery of control unit can be charged automatically under cable controlled mode;
          4. Light sensitive function: automatically triggers on backlight for the button and hand wheel under low light, able to facilitate your work even in the dark;
          5. Micro-SD for firmware upgrading;
          6. 1.56” OLED screen: readable in sunlight;
          7. SCU-1 control unit is powered by compatible NP-F550 battery.

          Shipping List

          Single-Axis wireless follow focus system includes:

            1. SCU-1 Hand Control Unit;
            2. MRS-1 Receiver Module;
            3. UM-3 Motor Module;
            4. RCM-1 Motor Cable;
            5. PWD-1 Power Cable;
            6. CRL-1 MBUS Data Cable;
            7. Solid Case.

          Dual-Axis wireless follow focus system includes:

            1. SCU-1 Hand Control Unit;
            2. ZCU-1 Extension Control unit for Zoom, which is installed on the top of SCU-1;
            3. MRS-1 Receiver Module;
            4. MD-Z Receiver Extension Module, which is installed on the top of MRS-1;
            5. UM-3 Motor Module x2;
            6. RCM-1 Motor Cable x2;
            7. PWD-1 Power Cable;
            8. CRL-1 MBUS Data Cable;
            9. Solid Case.



          Single-Axis, Dual-Axis