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          KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor

          From: $499

          Fits: [MAVO and TERRA]

          1080p IPS LCD Retina display with AR coating and Anti-fingerprint coating, 16M colors, 2000nit brings daylight visibility, dedicated to MAVO/TERRA.

          Aluminum alloy body with front high screen ratio and 5″ screen with Gorilla glass protection, the KineMON-5U is strong and durable. Only one Kine video cord is needed for the monitor to get power supply and video signal from MAVO/TERRA.

          Shipping Date: Mar 2020.

          KineMON OPTION

          KineMON-5U is the ultra-bright 5″ monitor dedicated to MAVO/TERRA. It features 2000nit Retina display, 5-inch display, 1080p full-HD and 16M colors, to bring sharp and clear image on the beautiful display. Only one Kine video cord is needed for the monitor to get power supply and video signal from MAVO/TERRA.

          KineMON-5U is easy to be mounted on the camera body firmly by using appropriate accessories for different needs.

          Whole-new DirectClear Platform

          KineMON-5U processes HD video on a whole-new DirectClear platform. DirectClear adopts powerful FPGA with low power consumption as basic framework to optimize image processing ?specially. It features:

              • Ultra-low Latency: Monitoring latency is reduced 50% compared to traditional field monitors; especially with MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K in KineOS6.3, the latency of whole camera system is relatively low to control dynamic image accurately;
              • Fast Response: Fast reponse to boot up and power off, nearly no delay, while traditional monitor often needs 5~10 sec to boot up;
              • Low Power Consumption: with the platform, the power consumption of monitor are largely reduced and KineMON-5U is still no more than 6W when at its full brightness, while the traditional one may be up to 18W, thus the monitor is capable to keep in low temperature and runs stably without active cooling;
              • True and Natural Color: As a monitoring device, the KineMON-5U adopts more natural rendering to restore details and natural colors of the image instead of additional processing like deliberate sharpness, increasing saturation, etc.

          Based on DirectClear platform, KineMON-7H, whole-new Kinefinity EVF and 5 inch ultra-bright KineMON-5U advances other traditional monitors especially working with Kinefinity camera.

          2000nit Full Lamination&High Brightness Screen

          KineMON-5U is able to work directly in indoors or outdoors with its 2000nit high brightness screen. Even with direct sunlight, indie filmmakers is also able to check the composition and exposure as normal. The whole Kinefinity camera system is more flexible to creat works by slim and lightweight KineMON-5U with full frame MAVO LF.

          The ultra-bright monitor also adopts OCR Full Lamination crafts with high strength and transmissivity tempered glass to bring higher light transmission and lower light reflection, thus the image brightness is more clear under sunlight with its brightness improved. Moreover, there is grease-proofing AF Coating on glass surface, more cleanable and convenient.

          As a monitor for cinema camera, the spec of LCD panel is superior: 16M colors (RGB 24-bit depth), 100% Rec.709 Gamut, 1920×1080 physical resolution (441ppi), 1000:1 contrast ratio, full viewing angle and LED back-illumination. High standard Retina display ensures sharp and clear image.

          *You can also add a 5-inch KineMON Sunhood?to facilitate shooting in ultra bright condition.

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          Durability and Simple Connection

          Re-designed monitor plus full lamination screen with tempered glass. With full tempered glass in front of the monitor, the screen gets better protection with high screen ratio.?The case is made of rugged milled aluminum for better heat dissipation. Its surface process is more exquisite than old version KineMON-5L.

          KineMON-5U has a standard 1/4″ threaded hole and two pin-holes at the bottom to fasten itself firmly to camera in any case, while most other monitors have only one 1/4″ threaded hole. Using appropriate accessories, KineMON-5U meets the different needs in the typical scenarios:

                • KineMON Swivel Mount: Allow the monitor to be mounted directly to the front of the camera body and top plate of TERRA/MAVO KineKIT;
                • KineMON Coldshoe Mount:?Allow the monitor to be mounted directly to any location with coldshoe socket. There are two coldshoe sockets — at the front or the end of wooden TERRA/MAVO KineKIT top handgrip;
                • Movcam Quick Plate:?Directly mounted to right side of monitor, the quick plate can work with Movcam new EVF bracket easily free from tool;
                • 5-inch Strong Arm with Damping: Allow the monitor to be?positioned easily and is flexible to mount if there are 1/4″-20 threaded holes.

          Core Functions and Simple Operation

          The monitors based on DirectClear platform includes following core functions which are used most frequently:

            1. Turn on/off monitors:Push up or down Power button at the side to turn on or off the monitor quickly. There is also an LED indicator for status of monitor;
            2. Peaking focus with red line, on/off: Press Button 1: to show peaking or not, assist cameraman on image focus;
            3. Change peaking focus sensitivity: Press Button 1 for three seconds to enable setting of sensitivity of peaking function: ;
            4. RGB Histogram on input video: Press Button 2:? to show histogram at the left corner of screen;
            5. False color on input video: Press Button 2:? for three seconds to show false color which IRE based on Arri False Color scale
            6. Tuning brightness of monitor: Press Wheel, then Rotate the wheel, it will change brightness of monitor at 10% step while 60% brightness in default;
            7. Set rotation of monitor: Press Wheel for three seconds, the monitor can be set rotation 180 deg manually or auto rotation based on rotation angle of monitor itself.

          *Above functions are covered in the monitor firmware v1.4.

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          Option Description and Shipping List

            1. Monitor: KineMON-5U;
            2. Basic Bundle: includes KineMON-5U, Kine Video Cord(30cm), KineMON Swivel Mount;
            3. Complete Bundle: includes KineMON-5U, Kine Video Cord(30cm), KineMON Swivel Mount, KineMON Coldshoe Mount and KineMON Sunhood.

          At the same time, the body weight is only 260g which barely causes any extra pressure on the camera.


          First Gen KineMON-5L
          Color depthRGB 24 Bits, 16M ColorsRGB 24 Bits, 16M ColorsRGB 24 Bits, 16M Colors
          Pixels per inch441ppi441ppi325ppi
          View angle170 degree170 degree170 degree
          Gamut100% of Rec. 709100% of Rec. 709100% of Rec. 709
          Size (LxWxT)135x82x14mm140x86x16mm176x110x14mm
          Power Consumption3W (500 nits)
          5.5W (2000 nits)
          7.9W (500 nits)3W (500 nits)
          4.3W (1000 nits)