Firmware KineOS 6.3


KineOS 6.3 for MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K, fully optimizes the monitoring image with ultra-low latency and high fluency; additionally, KineOS 6.3 adds single frame photo function to Kine cameras, and MAVO LF also has a big performance improvement in KineOS 6.3: From S35 4K 100fps to 4K 150fps!

KineOS 6.3 is available for MAVO LF, MAVO, TERRA 4K, but not all new functions are applicable on every model.

1. Ultra-low Latency with High Fluency

KineOS 6.3 fully optimizes the monitoring image with ultra-low latency and high fluency! The latency can be within 100ms with new-designed KineMON-5U and KineMON-7H, and even reduces to 80ms with new-released KineEVF.

Even the camera does not work with DirectClear or third-party monitor, more fluent monitoring with lower delay can also be acquired.

2. MAVO LF: S35 4K 150fps!

In KineOS 6.3, MAVO LF has a big performance improvement: S35 4K 150fps! 3K Wide 150fps! 2K Wide 290fps!

  • 6K Open Gate: 40–>48fps;
  • 6K DCI: 50–>60fps;
  • 4K DCI: 75–>112fps;
  • 4K HD Wide: 100–>150fps;
  • 3K Wide: 150–>195fps;
  • 2K HD Wide: 200–>290fps.

3. Single Frame Photo Function

KineOS 6.3 adds single frame photo function to Kine cameras. Single frame lossless cDNG shooting combines the function of cinema camera with camera when keeps excellent image quality.

Note:?Single frame photo mode is only available in cDNG, not including?ProRes4444/422HQ.

4. Fix Bugs and Improve Stability

  • Support new-designed KineMON-5U, KineMON-7H and KineEVF;
  • Add vertical anamorphic ratio;
  • Improve monitoring image quality;
  • Fix cache of cDNG; improve stability of cDNG under recording format;
  • Fix black balancing setting under ProRes4444;
  • Improve stability;
  • Other issues.

Stability of this version: Evaluation.

Download MAVO LF firmware: MAVO LF KineOS6.3 firmware >

Download MAVO 6K firmware:?MAVO 6K KineOS6.3 firmware >

Download TERRA 4K firmware: TERRA 4K KineOS6.3 firmware >

Instruction: download firmware to FAT/FAT32 USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware as [Config–>system–>upgrade]. The update job is done about 15 minutes. It takes effect after reboot.

Note: must remove the lens before update. Upgrading the?firmware takes about 15 minutes, never lose power during the process, else it needs to be sent back for repair.

Note: once KineOS 6.3 update is completed, the camera cannot be downgraded to KineOS 6.2 and before.

Black Balancing:recommended to do Black Balancing if camera is upgraded from 6.0 or previous version to KineOS 6.3, then:

  1. Press and release power button to turn on camera while hold Config button, then release Config button after three seconds. The camera will enter Calibration Mode;
  2. In Calibration Mode, use lens cover or mount cover to make sure image as totally black. Choose [Config–>System–>Black Balancing] to do Black Balancing, it may take five minutes;
  3. Must Reset to Factory Setting after black balancing done, then reboot camera.