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Kinefinity Camera Product Line is Listed at a New Price!

Beijing, Feb 14th, 2020-Since 2017, Kinefinity had released three cinema cameras: TERRA 4K, MAVO and MAVO LF. During this time, while receiving numerous industry awards, the cameras have served as professional tools to help filmmakers create excellent images. At the same time, Kinefinity put a lot of efforts in optimizing the supply chain and production […]


Firmware KineOS 6.3

KineOS 6.3 for MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K, fully optimizes the monitoring image with ultra-low latency and high fluency; additionally, KineOS 6.3 adds single frame photo function to Kine cameras, and MAVO LF also has a big performance improvement in KineOS 6.3: From S35 4K 100fps to 4K 150fps! KineOS 6.3 is available for MAVO LF, MAVO, […]



11.A31, September 13-17, IBC2019, RAI of Amsterdam. Kinefinity will attend the 2019 IBC. MAVO LF will be exhibited for the first time in Europe with Large Format Cine Camera System. MAVO LF as flagship, MAVO S35, TERRA 4K as best entry-level cine camera, large-format cine lens as MAVO Prime as well as new-released OLED KineEVF […]

BIRTV 2019_Poster

MAVO LF大畫幅攝影機系統@2019北京展會

1A119,2019.8.21-24日,BIRTV,北京·中國國際展覽館(老國展)。卓曜科技/Kinefinity即將參加2019北京國際廣播電影電視展覽會BIRTV,展示旗艦MAVO LF大畫幅電影攝影機、MAVO S35和入門級TERRA 4K電影攝影機、MAVO Prime大幅面定焦鏡頭組,以及今年全新發布的OLED KineEVF尋像器、高亮七寸監和超亮五寸監。從大畫幅攝影機、全新監看方案到大幅升級的固件,整體來詮釋精巧又強悍的MAVO/TERRA電影機如何實現從前期拍攝到后期順暢的工作流程: 1. MAVO LF:隱匿于超小機身中的大畫幅電影美學、擁有5120/800雙原生ISO、6K 75格、4K 150格超強升格能力、機內錄制ProRes4444XQ&RAW的6K大畫幅電影攝影機; 2. MAVO:支持4:3和6:5變寬拍攝、可機內錄制ProRes4444XQ&RAW的經典旗艦級6K S35電影攝影機; 3. TERRA 4K:擁有4K 160格、2K 320格的超強“小高速機”、3200/800雙原生ISO、可機內錄制ProRes&RAW的最佳入門級電影攝影機; 4. MAVO Prime:大畫幅、零色散、T2.0電影定焦組; 5. 全新KineMON-5H/7H:高亮1000nits的全高清7寸監視器和超亮2000nits的全高清5寸監視器,采用DirectClear高效技術平臺,實現超低延遲、精準色彩、迅捷響應和超低功耗的新一代監視器; 6. KineEVF:采用超凡的光學設計實現零畸變的取景畫面,采用DirectClear高效技術平臺,實現零延遲、超低功耗的1600萬色全高清OLED電影級尋像器; 7. 全新KineOS 6.3:從底層開始全面優化監看畫面,實現超低延遲和順暢無比的監看畫面;此外,MAVO LF升格性能大幅提升50%!實現S35 4K 150fps,還添加單幀拍照模式。 在Kinefinity展位還能體驗到Movcam全新三通道無線跟焦,以及阿萊Signature Prime,安琴EZ 45-135,ATLAS 變寬,FUJINON MK 變焦等鏡頭,此外,在安琴、適馬、Movcam、鐵頭、ATOMOS、智云、MOZA、影宸、圖瑞斯、PDMovie、Accsoon、飛宇等展位,都能體驗到Kinefinity電影機。 1A119,在涼爽的北京清秋,MAVO LF大畫幅攝影機系統和它的小伙伴們,不見不散!^_^


MAVO LF @ Cine Gear Expo2019

#76, May 31-June 1, Cine Gear Expo, Paramount Studios of Los Angeles. Kinefinity will attend the 2019 Cine Gear Expo again. MAVO LF will return to LA with Large Format Cine Camera System. (The premiere of MAVO LF was on Cine Gear Expo as well in 2018) 1. MAVO LF 6K as Large Format Cine […]

NAB 2019_poster
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MAVO LF Large-Format Cine Camera System @ 2019 NAB

C11535,April 8-11, NAB, Convention Center, Las Vegas. Kinefinity will attend the 2019 NAB show again. MAVO LF as flagship, MAVO S35, TERRA 4K as best entry-level cine camera, and large-format cine lens as MAVO Prime. Get to know our design philosophy as well as the easy and smooth shooting & post-workflow by MAVO and TERRA. […]

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Compressed RAW (cDNG) Workflow

MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K can record compressed RAW as cDNG with adjustable compression ratio without external recorder. Current firmware KineOS6.1 supports three different compression ratios, 3:1, 5:1 and 7:1 and all of them get super good image quality and enough room for grading work. Generally, there are three types of CinemaDNG format so far: Uncompressed CinemaDNG: […]

LUT Collection_en
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Kinefinity Official LUT Collection

Since 2012, Kinefinity has built-in LUTs in each cameras to help cameraman monitor images in the field; if the LUT is selected when shooting, the clips folder will contain the LUT. In post work, the LUT can be loaded for fast workflow or as the starting point for the grading work. 1. KineNEUTM?(KineOS6.0) 2. KineNEUT?(KineOS6.0) […]

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Firmware KineOS 6.1

The latest KineOS6.1 as an elegant and powerful firmware matches MAVO LF and provides more enhancement like optimization on UI, black balancing, project blanking, more anamorphic ratios, e-ND step setting, etc. MAVO LF, MAVO, TERRA 4K even TERRA 6K can work with KineOS6.1, but not all new functions applicable on TERRA 4K and TERRA 6K. […]

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Shot on Kinefinity cameras

No matter MAVO LF, MAVO, or TERRA 4K, they feature state-of-art CMOS imaging sensors, and achieve super organic and low-noise images with high dynamic range, stunning details, from sub-S35, S35 to Full Frame. ?We will keep updating video works shot by Kinefinity cameras, and some of them have footages for downloading. If you also want […]

Wake Up_shot2
Shot on MAVO

Wake Up (shot on MAVO)

Cameraman, Director, Graded by Louis Mayo; Location: Los Angeles, USA; Camera: MAVO, EF Mount; Lenses: Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8; Recording format: 6K ProRes422HQ @25fps, 50fps, ISO: 1600-3200; Graded: Resolve 14. The following is the talk between Kinefinity and Louis. How did the opportunity present itself? That’s a great question, because there are so many talented […]


KineOS 6.0 for TERRA

KineOS6.0 is the latest firmware for TERRA 4K with the biggest change on UI, also a significant improvement on performance of TERRA 4K. The new firmware provides: compressed RAW (cinemaDNG), in-camera oversampling down to 2K/1080p, open gate mode and 4:3 anamorphic mode.